Team & Player Rules


There are certain rules to this program that are in place to help you, as an athlete, become more successful. There is an accountability program in place to keep all athletes in check. If you break one of these rules, you will be held accountable for your actions and could even be expelled from the program with no refund. So, please take these rules seriously.

  1. Respect the game, your coaches, team mates, opponents, and most importantly, your parents. All players will refer to the coaches as “Coach.”
  2. Respect the umpires. They are going to make bad calls, so expect it. The umpire does not control the outcome of a game, only players do. When an umpire makes a call you do not agree with, do not be disrespectful by saying anything negative, rolling your eyes, shaking your head or throwing any kind of hissy fit. This is not tolerated.
  3. No throwing or kicking equipment out of anger or frustration. If you bounce your helmet in the dugout after you strike out, you will be held accountable for your actions.
  4. No alcohol! Any player caught using alcohol will be expelled from the program.
  5. No illegal drugs! The use of controlled substances will not be tolerated. You will be expelled from the program.
  6. Wear appropriate practice and game uniforms. We wear program practice shirts, hats, pants and appropriate shoes to practices in a presentable format. All shirts must be tucked in. We want you to look like the rest of your team mates. No shorts unless approved by the coach.
  7. Wear your hat properly. No turning the cap around backwards or sideways. Unless you are wearing a “rally cap” as a team in a game, you will be held accountable for improperly wearing your cap.
  8. 10 off and 20 on. You have 10 seconds to get off the field once the third out of an inning is made. You will have 20 seconds to get to your position once the third out has been recorded. If you do not make to your position in time, you will lose your position for at least an inning. This rule does not pertain to the pitcher or catcher.
  9. No pity parties. Pouting, negative attitudes or beating yourself up is discouraged. If you want to beat yourself up, then by all means wait until after the game, I will give you a phone number to call and you can beat yourself up all you want. This is poison for a team and can bring your team mates down. If you make an error, just let it go and get the next one. Be positive.
  10. Finish your run. All players will be required to finish the run through the base they are attempting. If you ground out or pop out, you are required to finish your run through the base. Sprint the entire distance.

Disciplinary Actions

Players will be held accountable for their actions. Discipline will be in the form of conditioning. This may be in the form of running, push-ups, sit-ups, planks or other forms seemed suitable for player development. Here are some guidelines that will be used to discipline players. Please take these rules seriously.

  1. Strike One: First offense may include being benched for 1 complete game and joining your team for some running at the next practice you attend.
  2. Strike Two: Second offense for the same action will include being benched for 2 games and sitting on the bucket and watching your team run for you the next practice you attend.
  3. Strike Three: Third offense for the same infraction will include a discussion with your parents and the team head coach and Coach Town. You may be asked to leave the team.